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In order to successfully gain experience within the art departments of  Films,TV, Entertainment and theatre you have to be able to prove you possess the requisite skills and knowledge as well as talent.

Learn the correct way to draw sets ready for construction.

The NSFTVAD offers short and long term courses in relevant

draughting and modelmaking

to both beginners and established creatives.


The aim of each course is to provide students / creatives  with a practical working knowledge of what Art Directors and Production Designers look for

when employing crew members within the art department. 





What does an Art Director do ?

A brief history of film design.

The importance of research.

Script breakdown.

How to carry out an effective survey.

Use of scale.

Laying out your drawing.

Floor plans and elevations.


The correct tools.

Importance of good lettering.

Stealing from the best.

Clarity in your drawings.

Stage layouts.

Making a white card model.

Presenting an effective portfolio.

What do designers look for ?

On completion you will be able to present

a modern, relevant and eye catching portfolio when job hunting.



You will also receive course notes on all that you have covered

along with a list of recommended

books to study at home to further your skills.


Click here for a list of tools you will be required to bring to the course...


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